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About Projects

HazeGG Network Projects

We are players of various games such as Rust, Lineage 2, GTA V RP etc …
So we decided to open for our hobby and for the Community / Fans, our own servers.
We are tired of playing servers which are “corrupt” and made for “profit” benefit, we do it purely for hobby.
Our projects are intended for a “long-term” plan and we guarantee at least 5+ years in action
We are a group of 2 people and we believe that we have it and we can deal with any kind of bug / problem that will appear
With no Bots, no Cheats, no p2w donations and a very helpfull and active GM team as well as a helpfull community.
HazeGG Network team created this project not to make money out of it but just with love for our favorite games.
You can support our servers by voting on top sites, by live streaming, by referring your friends to HazeGG Network or by donating.

Good luck on your journey
Kind regards,
HazeGG Network Team.